Need a blowout?

Ladies if you are like me and feel challenged when it comes to doing your hair for big events, you are now in luck because two new hair salons have opened exclusively for blowouts. Dry Bar opened two locations, one in Georgetown and the second in Bethesda. They hired a talented group of stylists and in my opinion it is $40 well spent for a big event. You can also host a party here and the decor is beyond fabulous. FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar also just opened in Reston and my sister with her gorgeous, think hair is guaranteed to be a regular here. Plus, this salon has membership and discount packages which can save you some serious cash.

Check out their websites:

By the way, if you want to know where my sister and I go to get our hair cut & colored, send me a message and I will share. We have the best stylist in the area (voted #1 & featured in magazines) and not to mention he is hilarious!

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