My Search to Find the Best French Macarons in Town







I love French macarons. I think they are the perfect dessert as they are colorful, delicate, and mildly sweet. I am on a quest to find the best macaron in this town and I started with a little gem of a place in Bethesda, Maryland called Tout de Sweet. This pastry shop specializes in cakes & cupcakes, French macarons, and seasonal treats. I stopped in the shop just other night and picked up a few French macarons for my unofficial taste test. And by a few, I mean a full sleeve umm about 12 exactly, but really my plan was to share them so I didn’t feel as guilty getting one in almost every flavor.

I found these particular macarons to be delicious! The first bite was perfect, just a little chewy yet crisp on the outside. My favorite flavors were rose water and the chocolate mint. Since this was my first stop, Tout de Sweet shall remain at the number one spot on my list for now, but stay tuned…

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