Family Dinner Night

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Recently, we had a very special guest over for dinner.  My adorable and witty grandmother came over for a night of family recipes and lively discussion. She is too old now to enjoy cooking, but my husband happily helped me prepare our family spaghetti sauce recipe. It takes hours to prepare and is a true labor of love, but the aroma that permeated the house is not something you are going to get out of a jar. We also made a thin crust pizza and caprese salad just for variety. It was a feast and I can’t remember a time I have seen my grandma eat so much at once! We laughed and told stories, then finished the night with a ridiculous platter of sweets and a to-go bag for her! She has a real weakness for sweets, especially chocolate, which makes our bond even stronger! I know I always feel rushed with errands and activities on the weekend, but spending time preparing a meaningful and delicious meal is time well spent. I know the night brought back so many wonderful memories for my grandma. If you have time this weekend or next, maybe consider making a special meal for your family or close friends.

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