March Forward

I am so excited March is here! As I said before this month is a favorite of mine and I wanted to share with you all the things I am looking forward to this month. Mostly shown in pictures and my adapted interpretation of a vision board, I am preparing for March events and holidays. Here are some of the features this month:




Easter and my collection of table animals.. Also, Passover begins on 25 March.



Easter ideas for the table & overnight guests. Plus, a spring outfit or two! Spring forward does take some adjusting, but love the potentially warmer weather and longer days ahead.


St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday this year and we will head to our favorite tavern for corned beef and cabbage. I


Vision for my birthday this year. I am thinking sushi lounge with sake drinks or champagne. A great new pair of heels. Maybe something in mint or bright neon green. And the perfect pink, delicate birthday cake!

And of course….


March Madness! I really get into this and my husband and I can get very competitive over our brackets. I played basketball for many years and love the sport!

Finally, we also have National Waffle Day later this month and I will make sure to give you notice so you can plan accordingly. I am also preparing for my first ten mile and half marathon races in April. Lots of miles to get in this month, but I am training with my girlfriends so it has been a lovely experience so far!

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