National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day



How yummy do these jumbo chocolate chip delights look right about now? I had to include a Hershey Kiss for size comparison. There is really something very special about an oversized chocolate chip cookie — for you to enjoy alone.

These tasty salty & sweet chocolate chip cookies are from my favorite bakery in D.C., which I feel is like divulging a family secret, but sharing means caring. Do yourself a favor and take a trip to Sticky Fingers Bakery this weekend. Even better news, this is a vegan bakery and I promise there is no compromise on taste. I also adore their cake and cupcakes, the vanilla varieties are my favorite! Currently, you can order a seasonal cherry blossom cake, which is also very popular among my friends.

Back to the cookies, my recommendation, enjoy alone with a cup of coffee or milk around 7:00 am. Alternatively, bring them to your next work gathering and people will remember that you brought them chocolatey goodness on an otherwise ordinary day. Sweet happiness.

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