National Lobster Day

Lobster time! Tomorrow is National Lobster Day and my husband could not be more excited. He is a non-native Marylander, so I taught him how to eat Chesapeake Bay crabs. I took him to his first crab feast and hosted a few crab nights where you sit, linger, and pick for hours at crabs until your hands finally call it quits. He could not wait for summer nights in Annapolis to sit on the water and enjoy a crab feast on simple, brown paper. I was so proud! Well all this was ruined when I took him to a Lobster and Clam bake in New York. The ease of eating, the hunks of tasty lobster meat, and the rich taste of the lobster could not compete with my Maryland Crab, in his opinion. Now when we travel in the northeast, he is on the search for lobster rolls and lobster dive bars. June 15th you can celebrate and indulge in this national day. If you are not at my current favorite spot for lobster, The Lobster House, in Cape May, N.J., a D.C. local favorite for lobster rolls is Luke’s Lobster. The rolls at Luke’s are a tad pricey, but we are in the city people, and this is delicious Maine Lobster! Luke’s has a few locations in D.C. and another location in Bethesda Row.




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  1. Love this post! This topic is near my heart. Keep the Lobster facts and updates coming all weekend please. Happy National Lobster Day!

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