Hot Summer Days

Pool view

Wishing you were here right about now?

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summertime activities. I enjoyed swimming in the neighborhood pool, playing bocce ball in the yard, and catching fireflies at night. I would get grass stains all over my clothes, get my hands dirty, and play until I was too tired to complain about bedtime. Of course, I didn’t mind at all, I was a kid having fun! Well I did not realize how much energy was required to keep up with young kids in these hot and humid days, but here are some fun ways to stay hydrated.

Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Days

1. Make frosty drinks in minutes with the Zoku Slush and Shake Maker. One lucky reader will win a Zoku this week. Simply post a comment or like this post for a chance to win a Zoku in your choice of red, green, purple, blue, or orange. The giveaway closes this Thursday 7/18 at midnight EST. The winner will be selected randomly.

2. Stay hydrated by mixing it up. Make water more exciting by adding frozen fruit like pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, or grapes to a large pitcher or drink dispenser. If desired, add a bunch of herbs (tied together with string), fresh lemon or lime, and maybe some cucumber.

3. Can you really consume too much watermelon in the summer? A unique way to share a fruit salad is to use the melon as the bowl. Just add berries and mint to finish, then place your fruit bowl on a festive table for all to enjoy.

4. Sorbets tend to get less attention than ice cream in my home. Kick up the excitement and appeal of your favorite flavor by placing the sorbet in a hallowed-out lemon, lime, or orange. If it is an extra hot day, freeze the fruit before using. Another use for these lemon sorbet treats is to prepare this at your next fancy dinner party. Simply bring this out between courses and your guests will thank you.

5. Pinkberry. Pinkberry, pinkberry!!! No additional information required. I could use some right about now actually.

6. Gourmet ice cream sandwiches may be the perfect end to a summer day. There are so many wonderful local options for ice cream sandwiches, but these beauties are from Jeni’s in Ohio. Or how about an ice cream party for the family at home? Buy some of your favorite cookies, a few varieties of ice cream, and toppings, then let everyone make their own creation.

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