Time to Brine Your Bird

Time to Brine Your Bird

One day until we can all enjoy a delicious turkey feast. I can hardly wait to wake up, go for a quick turkey trot run, and then watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (weather, please cooperate) with coffee and our traditional cinnamon rolls. We have light snacks and watch holiday movies and football until it is time to eat! My husband and I like to toast our turkey and serve it with all the traditional sides. I must finish this most awesome day with pumpkin and apple pie.

Before all this though, we have two important steps to complete today. One is to brine the bird and the second plan your Thanksgiving outfit.

Once you have the perfect fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving feast, one important step I learned from Chef Francois Dionot of L’Academie de Cuisine is to brine your bird overnight. You can easily make your own brine like Martha would or you can find many brining options at Whole Foods or your local specialty market. You will need a large container to hold the turkey with all the brining solution. Yes, this is one extra step, but it will help ensure your bird stays moist flavorful and delicious! Also, if you haven’t already set your table and gathered all your serving dishes, today is a good day to accomplish that task.  Maybe also spend time reviewing your game plan, your hour-by-hour cooking and baking plan. A little extra preparation today, will give you a head start on tomorrow.  If you are not cooking this year, still be present in the kitchen and learn little tips from a family member or friend because next year it could be your turn to prepare the bird.

As for what to wear, I think there are a few special days every year, we should be comfortable but also festive. Thanksgiving attire should be seasonal, like a cute acorn necklace or a great new tweed blazer, and not too fitting so you can actually eat and feel comfortable relaxing on the couch or ground. Maybe you would prefer a colorful cashmere sweater and festive socks. It doesn’t need to be a formal outfit, just presentable and fall-inspired. I always regretted when the tripod would inevitably come out of the closet and I wasn’t loving my turkey day look. Do a little prep now and you will thank yourself for photo albums to come.

Most important of all though is to enjoy this time with family and friends.  Wishing everyone safe travels and a memorable Thanksgiving 2013!

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