Catch a Shooting Star with Your Love Tonight

The weekend is almost here again and in December it seems as if every hour of your free time is occupied with important holiday tasks. For me, I plan to bake Christmas cookies, wrap presents while watching my favorite Christmas movies, and partake in a festive holiday brunch with my husband. Brunch is best because you can still sleep in (we all really need our beauty rest this time of year) and many restaurants are beautifully decorated for Christmas making a normal Sunday brunch even more special, especially at this spot. One unique thing we plan to do is to watch the Geminid meteor shower tonight. This celestial event will peak this weekend and as long as the weather cooperates, you should be in for a romantic show of meteors and fireballs. Ideally, we will be sitting by a fire pit with warm winter drinks in hand and cozy blankets to cuddle. Just the two of us, together enjoying the peaceful night sky.  So grab your love or best friend, a few treats to enjoy, and a comfortable chair to just sit back and dream away… Read more about sky-watching conditions in your area here.

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