French Macaron Baking Kit

I guess my friends and family figured it out. As I was unwrapping gift after gift this holiday season with the same theme, it became clear I have a problem. I am obsessed with French Macarons. There is really nothing better than a delicious and delicate French Macaron. They are satisfying, pretty, and not too heavy. They are perfect. Perfect for an afternoon snack or light bite after dinner. And they make a great host present or Valentine’s gift. I am now armed with French Macaron notecards, folders, dish towels, tree ornaments, a book, and my very own kit.

Now that I am living in San Jose, I need to find my favorite French Macaron shop. If you have any recommendations within a 50 mile radius of the Bay Area, I am interested. For more French Macaron love and inspiration, check out my Pinterest page.

Guess it is a good day to try my first batch of homemade French Macarons!!


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