My Tips for a Winter Trip to Salt Lake City

Last week, I traveled for the first time to Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. As the plane was landing, I could tell this was a special city. The mountains seemed to surround me and immediately I wanted to see more of the landscape. I spent most of my days in Salt Lake City and then would drive along I-80 to beautiful Park City for a restful sleep.

As someone who travels frequently and always check weather reports before packing, I was a bit caught off-guard by the fluctuating temperatures in Salt Lake City and the dryness of the city.  On my last day there, the temperature was -1 degree!

Here are my five tips for preparing for a winter trip to Salt Lake City and Park City:

1. Bring your shades. I cannot tell you how blinding it is driving in Park City without your sunglasses. The sun reflects off the white snow everywhere and it is uncomfortably bright from your car windshield. Should you leave home without your shades, invest in a cheap pair.

2. Bring warm and even warmer socks. I did not expect it to get as cold at night and the first place I would feel the cold was my feet! They suffered an 8-hour day of inappropriate footwear and then froze as I walked around at night. I would have benefited from warmer socks and more practical shoes that can handle walking on ice.

3. Stay hydrated. I always drink water. Tons and tons of water all day long. Salt Lake City is so very dry that I felt thirsty and dehydrated the entire time I was there. Ease up on the caffeine and salt while here, instead drink more liquids than you normally do. I was also warned to keep a chap stick on me at all times. This was good advice. And if you wear contacts, be sure to keep extra eye drops on you.

4. I-80 is your new best friend. Interstate-80 will easily take you between Salt Lake and Park City. It is a scenic drive and at least while I was there, very minimal traffic. There is so much to explore in both towns and it is nice to get a feel for both!

5. Wintertime inversion is real. Sadly, the best part of Salt Lake City (the VIEW!!) was obscured for most of my visit there. It looked like a low hanging fog or haze that just didn’t lift. I was told there is a campaign this year against air pollution, especially car emissions, which is contributing to inversion.

I loved my time in Utah! I learned so much and met so many great ladies there. Next time, I hope to stay a little longer and get a few days on skiing in!


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