January Health & Fitness Reviews

How is everyone coming along with their New Year’s fitness resolutions? Giving up or going strong?

For me, I enjoy working out and am probably much more religious about my workouts than my diet. {as in, I love chocolate} I miss my best friends in Washington, D.C. especially when it comes to fitness. We would have gym dates, try new classes together, and plan Sundays for long runs and brunch together. In California, without having a set weekly commitment with my girlfriends or my awesome Balance Gym trainers, I have found I have to really schedule my workouts for the week.  We joined a local gym and I tried some new classes since I moved here. In January, I mostly stuck to my personal commitment to have a smoothie or protein shake for breakfast. Some days, I have fresh pressed juice with my breakfast instead, but I still feel good about my first meal of the day!

Here are my thoughts on the Bay Club, Pure Barre, and Tracy Anderson’s Wellness Formula Shake.

I joined a gym in our area called the Bay Club Silicon Valley. The Bay Club is everything I had wanted in a club in D.C. but never found {although VIDA was very close to the perfect gym, just not located in Georgetown}. The Bay Club offers tons of weekly classes, has a huge cardio and weights area, a Pilates reformer studio, spinning studio, and the club is super clean. As if that wasn’t enough, the Bay Club has a dry sauna and steam room, a jacuzzi, a boutique shop, offers sports massages, and a Starbucks. Yes, our own Starbucks and lounge area, where you receive a discount on beverages with your Bay Club card. The club also hosts many weekly events and really wants members to stay and hang out at the gym. We are also able to go to other Bay Club locations, including the club with two outdoor swimming pools! I don’t think it will be too long before I am able to jump right back in the water.

I am really happy with our decision to join the Bay Club and would suggest you come get a guest pass.

I have never lived near a Pure Barre studio I could attend regularly. Lucky for me now, there are two Pure Barre studios about 15 minutes away in Los Gatos and Palo Alto. Emily is the owner and she is super friendly, very strong and lean,  oh and yes, adorable. She is definitely someone I think we all would want to be friends with. Anyway, when I want a change, I go to Pure Barre, which is a ballet barre inspired class. The classes begin with a warm up, weights for an arm burn, and a quick ab workout including a 90-second plank. Then you move between a series of thigh, seat, and ab moves at the barre completely fatiguing the muscle group until you switch to the next series. You finish with some stretches and a nice cool down. It moves so quickly you don’t think you possibly could have been there an hour! There are more advanced moves for those who are experienced and the instructors do a great job of adjusting your form. You will leave feeling like you got your booty-kicked, which is a great feeling!

These classes can be pricy, but you can purchase a series packages or monthly rates, which reduce the cost per class. But these classes are something that make me happy and worth the cost in my opinion. Grab your girlfriend and head to your nearest Pure Barre studio, your body will thank you. And don’t forget socks and plenty of water.

Lastly, I purchased Tracy Anderson’s Wellness Formula Shake in Vanilla and Chocolate in December knowing I would use it for a morning shake or post-weights workout. The product says that it is gluten, lactose, and fructose-free, which are all important to me. I have tasted my share of protein and wellness powders and I can tell you, the Vanilla Delight is a delight! Each serving size is 2 scoops and 21-grams of protein per shake, but I use a little less than 2 scoops and more liquid to make a smooth and tasty shake. As for the Creamy Chocolate flavor, it was not as tasty as the vanilla in my opinion. It was not that it didn’t taste good, it was just that I prefer the vanilla formula. There are also recipes on her website if you want to get more creative and make smoothies.

Over the next few months, I will visit SoulCycle for my first spin class there. I also will review some of the new juice shops I have discovered in northern California.

Do you have any new workout classes or protein you tested?!

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