Comforts for a Long Flight

I enjoy traveling, but can get restless on long flights. Now that we live in California, I often find myself on a long flight back to the east coast. I am not a good sleeper on planes, so I need lots of things to keep me entertained and comfortable. To help pass the time, I like to listen to soothing spa music or watch a movie.

I try to pack more than 24-hours before my flight. This gives me enough time to review and edit down what I have packed. In order to prevent leaving an essential items at home, I make a list of any last-minute items such as technology chargers, snacks, and my skin care products. I also preload my laptop (or iPad) with movies and a few new books. I bring at least three magazines with me for longer flights. In addition, to the basics which you likely have in your purse like ChapStick, lip gloss, and gum, also bring along moisturizer with an SPF and hydrating serums for your face. Buy water in the airport and then get comfortable for your flight!

With all this warm weather and spring forward, my husband and I just started discussing our summer travel plans. I like to visit one new vacation spot each summer and we also try to spend at least a week in Sea Isle, New Jersey and a week in the North Fork of Long Island. This year I would love to go to Hawaii since we are in California now, the dream is a little more realistic. What are your travel plans for the summer?

Here are my recommendations for a long haul flight!

Long Flights, Carry-On

My Carry-On Packing List

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