Bar Cart Craze


I love the idea of a seasonal bar cart. When you have guests over, you can style your bar cart and make it a great spot for your signature drinks. Hang a festive banner or tissue garland above your cart, add cute cocktail napkins and simple decor, then stock your beverages for the night.

A festive bar cart is such a simple idea with big impact for the holidays and seasonal celebrations. In winter, you could have a-make-your-own hot chocolate bar (still sadly appropriate on the east coast right now!). For spring, you could host a champagne brunch with beautiful, fresh juices and fruit garnishes. This would be perfect for an Easter family brunch as well. I might have a sangria bar cart for summer. Fall, would be the perfect time for a cider display with cinnamon sticks and apple garnish. You get the idea. The options are endless, once you have your bar cart.

I scored this colorful bar cart, with wheels for easy maneuvering, at Home Goods for $129! I even got a few compliments on the way out of the store, as I was wheeling it along the parking lot.

Find more bar cart inspiration on Pinterest and a happy Thursday happy hour to you!





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