Time for New Condiments

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for my husband and I. We have been dealing with family illness, traveling back east, and mentally preparing for another move this month. This will be our third place in less than a year. Crazy, I know. And I hope it is the last place we move before we find a more permanent home in SF Bay Area. Mail, I hope you can find our new address in San Jose and don’t get sent back to Washington, D.C.

For trips, I love packing and hate unpacking upon return. For moving, I procrastinate packing, but the minute we get to our new place I want everything completely unpacked (or at least hidden in a closet!). We have already hired movers, taken inventory of our things, decided on paint colors for the new apartment, and even have the boxes and tape ready to pack our things. I also have black and pink Sharpies ready to label all the boxes! As you can imagine, I have not started actually placing our things in the boxes.

Who really loves moving?! One of my best friends, Ike, said the bright side of moving is all new condiments for the fridge! I guess I have that to look forward to. I am really excited to move to this new place. We will have lots of natural light, new neighbors to meet, and are located one block from a Starbucks. Plus, we will have three heated saline pools and grills galore to take advantage of this wonderful California weather.

Do you have any tips for a smooth move?

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