Rise & Shine

Happy Monday! The day is finally here to move and my two little helpers look like they are less than enthused for the day ahead. Luckily, we have professional movers to help with the furniture and heavy boxes, but I will be at the other end waiting to unpack and get settled into our new place. My husband already painted our bedroom and the office area, which will make the next place feel a little more cozy and like ours. Do you have any tips for making a rental feel more like home?

Our new place has a nice walking path for our evening walks, tennis courts, a gym, and is located much closer to my husband’s job so I think this was a good decision despite the hassle of moving. Hopefully, this is the last big move we make until we find a home in the Bay Area! Or at least I keep telling myself this.

Happy Monday and here’s to a great start to your week.

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