Weekend Fun

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mothers and moms to be!

Here are my three ideas for a fabulous weekend:

1. Call or visit mom! Hopefully you are able to spend time with your mom this weekend, but if not call or plan a Skype date. If you are going out for brunch/lunch/tea with your mom, be sure to wear a colorful outfit and take a special photo to capture the day! If you are in Washington, D.C. maybe stop at the DC Design House for a tour of the house and great design ideas.

2. Take a hike. Get your tush outside this weekend and take in some fresh air. If hiking is not your thing, then go biking, canoeing, or swimming. Perhaps try a friendly game of tennis or beach volleyball. Or go strawberry picking that doubles as a sweet treat.

3. Catch Charlize Theron on SNL! I am a huge fan of the stunning and talented Charlize and I can’t wait to watch her on Saturday Night Live.

Happy weekend!

If you were planning to purchase flowers for mom, check out your local Whole Foods for beautiful bouquets and planters.

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