Woohoo for Bachelorette Weekends!


I just returned from the perfect bachelorette weekend in Washington, D.C. The weekend was seamless. All the plans were confirmed ahead of time, we didn’t wait in any lines, and the weather was wonderful. We also ate healthy and delicious meals at fabulous restaurants and for the most part, we all returned home with our voices and all our belongings. I don’t want to share too much about the weekend, but there are common elements that make for a great bachelorette weekend.

1. Identify the Planners. The planner is most often the Maid of Honor (MoH), but if the MoH is not from the area where the bachelorette weekend is being held or needs assistance, then at least one or two other people should volunteer to help execute. There are lots of details to be confirmed like hotel reservations, dinner and brunch reservations, transportation, club or lounge service, bridal games, weekend snacks, and decorations. So offer up your services, if you can help, and everyone will be grateful.

2. Plan the Perfect Weekend for the Bride. What are the bride’s favorite things to do? Does she love to workout? Then plan a group workout. Does she love to shop or spa? Then make time for those activities. Planning a weekend of her favorite things and a few surprises will ensure she feels loved and has best weekend with her besties.

3. Know the Area. Weather and long lines can both put a damper on your weekend. Do your research ahead of time. Ensure you will have enough time to get from one activity to the next (include some downtime too) and reliable transportation for all the girls attending. Can you put your name on a list before the weekend, so no one has to wait in line? Do you have all outdoor activities planned? If you are going to Miami for example, do you have other indoor activities you can do should it storm one afternoon.

I had my bachelorette weekend in Rehoboth Beach and would not have changed a thing. I had three excellent planners, but one of the girls is our resident Rehoboth expert (she even got married there) so I was in good hands. For me, I like going to nice restaurants, getting some sun and exercise, and dancing until the wee hours. I also like nap time, especially when you know you will be up all night, and late night snacks.

The most important thing is that it feels personal for the bride. Make it her weekend; all about her. Have some very personal and fun games everyone can play and will enjoy. Make her feel wonderful all weekend and ENJOY the time. As your friends get married and move away or start having kids, it can be harder and harder to get away for a girls weekend, so savor the time you have together!


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