Party Decorations and Ideas for Your 2014 Graduate

Party Decor for the Class of 2014

Congrats 2014 Grad!

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! What an accomplishment!

My most memorable graduation party was from high school. I had a joint party with four of my closest friends from high school. The party was in this huge party room and we each had a table with our college pendants and memorable photos. All the moms had help prepare quite a feast and we even had a band! We also had custom cups made with our names and high school colors. It was a very special event especially for a high school graduation party!

In addition to party decor and memorable photos, it is nice to have a large class photo from earlier years so everyone can find their old picture and reminisce. Be sure to hit up your child’s future college store early so you can order and display banners and jerseys of the college your child will be attending. Also, have something like a coffee table book or blank stationary so people can leave notes and words of wisdom is a nice touch.

Happy graduation season! Good luck Class of 2014! Cheers.

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  1. Those are some great ideas I wish I would have thought of. I just recently help plan a graduation, in which I did a DIY Photobooth for. You should check it out!

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