Observations as an East Coaster in Northern California

Friends have asked me how we are adjusting to life in California and what we miss most about the East Coast.

I know I am very lucky to have lived and traveled a good amount along the East Coast and in California, even before we moved to San Jose nine months ago. I can appreciate both coasts and love being close to water or the beach.

The first time I visited California in 2007, I immediately fell in love with the mountains and coastal views. The weather was perfect and I loved seeing the palm trees and year round roses. After a few more trips out west, Santa Barbara, Laguna, Half Moon Bay, and La Jolla Cove became my favorite stops and I couldn’t wait to return.

Since being a California resident, I can really appreciate the number of sunny days and cooler nights we experience in Northern California. I love that there are many new adventures within a couple hours’ drive and so many state and national parks to explore. We are near wine country, fantastic hiking trails, beaches, the wonderful city of San Francisco, and Tahoe just to name a few. I have never lived so close to so many gorgeous beaches in my life.

People seem more relaxed here in their day-to-day lives as compared to my experience in Washington, D.C. Another thing, I have come to really enjoy are the year round Farmer’s Markets. I can’t get enough fresh flowers and seasonal, organic produce. It also appears to me that people drive a lot faster in California. The speed limits are higher and that does take time to adjust to especially on highways.

I also love to swim and take advantage of our pool being available year round! Every single day of the year, I can swim in an outdoor pool!

Of course, I do miss my family and friend on the east and my old job. I miss some of the seasonal temperature variations and the stunning colors of fall. But life is a wonderful adventure and overall the move has been an exciting experience for us! We feel very fortunate to have made this move, even if it was a few years earlier than I had ever anticipated. I look forward to what the future holds for us and more California dreamin’!

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