Refreshing Snack for the Beach

Today I spent the afternoon at the beach with my family. This is a rare event since we all live so far apart. The weather was perfect. Sunny and clear skies, comfortable water temperature, and not too many people on the beach.

I enjoy snacking on frozen grapes, but when you are going to the beach for the afternoon it is nice to have a variety of color and flavors. Last night, I froze green and purple grapes, raspberries, and watermelon for our light afternoon snacking. You can freeze other fruits like cantaloupes and pineapple to make a very colorful fruit display to share with your group! Get creative with your selections! This idea is also great for a BBQ on a hot day or to bring to a neighborhood pool. You can also add some of this frozen fruit to your water for extra flavor and to keep your water cooler a little longer.

Of course, also in my bag were essentials like sunscreen, shades, Chapstick, and a few good books to keep me occupied. And check out the fedora hat I am LOVING right now! It is pink and white, which already makes it perfect for me. But it is also practical, light-weight, affordable, and good for travel. Some of the wide brim hats are hard to pack and don’t always look as good after a long trip.

Here’s to happy beach days ahead!

Photo: Nordstrom

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