Tuesday Shoe Crush

Happy Tuesday! How is your week going?!

Today I am going to the dentist this afternoon for some work. Obviously, I am really not looking forward to this, but I have a plan. I am going to bring my spa music along to tune out the sound of the unpleasantness. I also plan to wear super comfy clothes. I have black tights with a cute, colorful top and my favorite flats. Comfort is really key when you are sitting in that chair for a long while.

Even if you do not have a dental appointment today, as you get a little older, it can be difficult to spend 8-10 hours a day on high heels. I much prefer wedges, as you probably know, but flats are great too for travel or for a day running errands. Plus, flats are a great option for a casual Friday in the office.

These Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flats are currently my favorite ballet flats. They are very comfortable, always stylish, and have an elastic trim that makes your foot look smaller, which also helps hold it shape! Yes, genius. I have some flats that were simply destroyed and looked like a Fred Flintstone shoe after lots of wear. These Tory Burch shoes are worth the investment.

Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flats                            Tory Burch

If simple black patent does not do it for you right now, check out these adorable Kate Spade Tock Flats in snake print! They have a delicate bow on top to balance out the print. And bonus these flats will transition nicely into fall with longer skirts and tights. They are also a little less expensive than the Tory Burch version above.

Kate Spade Tock Flats

Kate Spade Tock Flats

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