Overnight Oatmeal For Breakfast

I saw this amazing looking overnight oatmeal recipe from Joy Bauer on the Today Show. I thought I would try it this week since I have an early doctor’s appointment today and didn’t want to fuss with making breakfast.

Chocolate, oatmeal, and filling bananas for less than 300 calories! Yes, please more of that. You can enjoy yours hot or cold. The verdict? A big hit!! It was very satisfying and tasty. My husband wanted another serving.

Instead of the chocolate version, you can add peanut butter and slivered almonds, or dried cherries.

See recipe here http://www.joybauer.com/recipes/overnight-chocolate-banana-oatmeal.
This is how the oatmeal looks right out of the fridge after sitting all night. Add more fresh fruit, nuts, or raw sugar whatever you like to make it perfect for your breakfast. You will not be disappointed with this new take on oatmeal.


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