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Pinterest 4th of July Cupcakes

This is the week we have all been looking forward to… the 4th of July! This is certainly one of my favorite weeks of the year. I love that this year the 4th falls on a Friday so everyone can really relax and enjoy the entire weekend. When the holiday falls during the middle of the week, I feel people are still focused on work and getting home at a decent hour for work the next day. This year you can all relax, stay up late to watch the fireworks, and sleep in late Saturday morning!

As I child, I always loved staying up late to watch the fireworks. Two of my favorite places to watch the fireworks were from the Georgetown waterfront and the Annapolis Harbor. As an adult, I usually gravitated to local spots with friends where we didn’t have to fight traffic or we spent the entire week at the beach.  When I lived in Washington, D.C. our favorite way to spend the 4th was to BBQ at our house all afternoon with our neighbors (you know who you are & we miss you!) before catching the National Mall Independence Day Celebration fireworks in D.C. from afar.

This 4th of July, my husband and I are going to a family party in Newport Beach and a “white” party on the 5th, where everyone wears their summer whites. I am looking forward to catching up with family and friends and watching fireworks from the beach! My first 4th of July on the west coast many years ago was surreal. We ate delicious food all day, watched the informal Newport Beach parade, played games in the backyard, and then walked to the beach in the early afternoon. As the sun began to set, the night was cool and we sat near a bonfire pit. The sunset was stunning and could have been the end to a perfect day, but then the fireworks went off over the Pacific Ocean. I felt like a kid seeing the fireworks for the first time, it was so spectacular!

I have been thinking of ways to help the hosts and might bring some cupcakes to share! There is one beautiful cake below that was too nice not to share. I just like the idea of cupcakes for larger parties. I have been inspired by designs on Pinterest, Georgetown Cupcake, and my favorite minis Baked By Melissa.

What are your plans for the 4th? Are you cooking up a feast to share or just tasked with brining a sweet treat to share?!

Pinterest 4th of July Cupcakes      Cupcakes for the 4th Pinterest

Pinterest 4th 3       Pinterest 4th  of July Cupcakes Pinterest July 4th Cupcakes       Pinterest 4th of July Cupcakes          Pinterest 4th of July Cupcakes               Pinterest 4th  of July CupcakesGeorgetown Cupcake



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