Tips for the Pregnant Lady

Maternity Tips for First Time Mamas

Ladies, I am now more than six months along and I wanted to share a few maternity tips I had to learn along the way. Yes, I have other wonderful pregnant friends and have received some great advice, but everyone has their own journey and these are the thing I wish I had embraced early on in my pregnancy.

Note — If you know me personally, i.e. you are my parents or went to high school with me, this could be perceived as very personal information so this is your warning! Do not read on. Or read on, if you are curious, but we will not discuss this further. Thanks =)


I was fortunate in that I was not sick and able to eat throughout my first trimester. I was just exhausted at first. Now I have more energy and my only really complaint are the leg and foot cramps. The kind that wake you from a dead sleep and the best way to return to sleep quickly is to FLEX the foot or leg muscle (no pointing)! As for daily tips, here are my four tips for first time mamas:

1. Invest in Bras. So I tried to fight this one. I hate spending money on expensive bras and really with your body changing why would we want to invest in new bras. Well the reason you want to buy at least two good bras is because the bras will make everything else look better. And you will feel better! Do not resist this one. Surprisingly, I have been able to wear these new bras for at least 6 weeks, which has made me feel like a new person. Things are lifted and looking a little more in place, and I can assure you that even if you outgrow these bras, you will have them to return to on the way back down post-birth and breastfeeding (yes, I just used this word in a post!).

2. Eat Your Fiber. Fiber is now your friend from the first trimester on. And let me assure you, as a huge personal fan of the bran muffin, bran muffins are seemingly less popular and harder to find in your average grocery store. I have had to hunt and I mean hunt all over town for these lifesavers. I finally started making my own muffins. Other options include bran flakes, oatmeal, beans, and berries. Of course, there are other high fiber foods available, but I really believe in starting the day off right with a ton of fiber in your belly. If all else fails, and you will know should this happen, that there are other exciting over the counter options like psyllium husks,  fiber powders, and fiber capsules to keep things moving along.

3. Rub on Oils & Lotions. I was never one to lather my entire body in lotion. I don’t like the feeling of thick lotions and oils, not to mention it can stick to your skin and clothes in the heat of the summer. You know that feeling– am I sure I just showered? For a second, lets refocus our efforts on stretch marks. Yes, I know they are mostly hereditary and what you do during pregnancy will likely not affect the outcome. Well to that I say I have never been pregnant and I don’t want to take the chance of not using a $28 bottle of lotion and then end up with terrible stretch marks. So get yourself to your local Buy Buy Baby or go online and purchase a stretch mark prevention oil or body lotion. I use Basq scrub once or twice a week in the shower and then twice daily use a combo of Mama Mio oil and Cocoa butter. And do not discriminate here. At first I was just applying the oils to my belly and then realized hello, you can get them all over your body. Arms, chest, legs, rear, etc. Of course, I still may get stretch marks in the end and I will live, but another good reason to use this is that pregnant women constantly touch and scratch their bellies. They don’t even realize it. I am guilty of this, but it not as often since I implemented the oil and lotion routine. Avoid being that lady by lathering up and it will help reduce the itch and any skin discomforts.

4. Sleep on a Maternity Pillow. I am a back sleeper. I love sleeping on my back and even on my stomach. Well those days are long gone. I was good about embracing side sleeping as soon as I knew I was pregnant since I knew side sleeping would be a huge change for me. Well, all was going swell until the last month. I am waking up sore on my shoulders and sometimes falling asleep on my back, which is not good for the baby. So time to order a maternity/pregnancy pillow. I know, it seems like a huge waste of space and money, but can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep?! Plus, you can also use it to prop up baby once he or she starts crashing your bedroom space. And bonus here mamas to be, if you are still not sleeping well and sore, go book yourself a prenatal massage at a reputable establishment. You deserve it!

Any tips I forgot to mention? What has been your maternity lifesaver?!

Tips for the Pregnant Lady

Here I am again in my favorite Madeleine Maternity dress. Find it here! And can you tell I have my favorite Wacoal Bra on?!

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