Baby Shower

My sister is planning an east coast baby shower for me this weekend. I am thrilled to go back east and spend time with family and friends before this baby arrives. My sister wanted me to be hands-off on this shower, which you can imagine was very difficult for me, but it was important to her to plan the baby shower on her own. I know she has spent hours scouring Etsy and can tell you exactly which flowers are in season right now. Since my husband and I did not want to know the gender of our baby, I know planning the theme was a little more challenging for my sister! I am looking forward to seeing what she dreamed up.

I cannot wait to see everyone and do normal things with my besties – like salon appointments, dinner out, time at the pool, and a great workout! And while I am SUPER excited, this trip will also be bitter-sweet. As I know this trip will be the last time I can fly back east for a long while. Of course, I cannot wait for the arrival of our baby, but I will not be surrounded by my family and closest friends, as I would be if we still lived in Washington, D.C.  Nor will we have the help of our relatives or nearby babysitters. In a way, the distance forces us to be more independent, figure things out together, on our own, just us and the new baby. This is surely a new chapter we are about to enter and I have to trust it will all work itself out as it should. I am nervous and excited, but hope baby learns to be an excellent (and peaceful!) traveller because I have some amazing family and friends on the east we hope to visit next summer.

I am super excited about the entire weekend and look forward to every single hour in D.C.!! And I know the next time I go to visit I will have a completely different perspective on life.


How adorable is this diaper cake from Bel Bambini in Newport Beach, CA?

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