House Hunting in the Bay Area


Last October, a visit to the Ritz with two of my best friends.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

Fire pits keep you warm on a chilly night.

I returned to San Francisco this week and still on cloud nine after a special weekend back in Washington, D.C. surrounded by family and friends. I even received an unexpected surprise at the airport. As a seasoned traveller, I will usually meet my husband curbside with all my bags. Well, he came into the airport holding a sign with my name, a huge hug, and kiss. And then he helped me carry my bags and escorted me to the car. It was so touching and made for the perfect ending to my D.C. trip.

As an aside, there are a few really special days in your life that stand out. Holidays and family events are always memorable (and truly priceless), but the days that gave me the greatest joy were graduating from Georgia Tech, my bridal shower, my wedding day, and now my baby shower. The common theme for me is being with the people who mean the most to me. Of course, my wedding day was the best day of my life..until the day we meet our baby.

With our growing family, we are quickly running out of space in our current place. Did you know strollers own your entryway?! We have started the process of house hunting in the Bay Area. We do not have the budget to be picky about square footage or number of bedrooms, but we have a few areas that we really connect with.

A favorite area of ours is Half Moon Bay. We first visited about seven years ago and since then we made a point to visit the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay any trip out to San Francisco. This hotel has stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, two championship golf courses on a bluff, a romantic restaurant, and my favorite part, a huge open patio with fire pits where you can relax and watch the sunset with a cozy blanket.

We love this area because it is quiet, has views of the ocean, and feels more like a small town. Half Moon Bay also has seasonal festivals and lots of farms!

I would love to have our own house. We have never lived in more than 1,100 square feet of space and I would really appreciate additional bedrooms and storage. I also couldn’t wait to decorate our new place and I think we would feel more settled in this area living in a neighborhood. Can you say Sunday Night Football gatherings and parties on our patio?! Wish us luck, it can be a lengthy process in the Bay Area. I am very grateful we are able to start house hunting, and I look forward to this new journey and experience with my husband!

Are you in the process of house hunting? Did you recently purchase a house? Would enjoy hearing your experiences.

Half Moon Bay IMG_7187


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