Relaxing in Bodrum, Turkey {Travel Week}

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Last summer, we had the amazing opportunity to travel with our dear friends to Bodrum, Turkey. I didn’t post about the trip at the time because I did not even know where to begin. This was one of those life-changing trips that are hard to put into words. I loved the culture, the people, the food, and the scenery; it was an experience I will never forget. We had our friends as a personal, local, Bodrum guides and they made a well-thought out itinerary for us. From where to go, where and what to eat, to sights and experiences they thought of everything! We had the most wonderful vacation exploring Turkey together, but it was also so special because it felt like we were there with family!

We were there in late August, early September, which is nearing the end of the tourist season. The weather was not too hot and you could walk right into the Sea. The food was so fresh and healthy, mostly vegetarian-based with fish and meat as sides. Breakfast was cheeses, eggs, and meat, or yogurt with fresh and dried fruit, or oatmeal. Lunch and dinner was always heavy vegetables, soups, fresh fish and rice, meat kebabs, or Turkish pizza. I really live olives, fresh herbs, eggplant, and those were staples in most of our meals.  My husband’s favorite part of the day, besides the sunrise, was the afternoon Turkish tea served with savory biscuits and breads. Not to mention perfect little Turkish delights available at most of the meals!

We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach, strolling through the downtown area, and exploring the other ten bays that make up Bodrum. If we had not been with our local guides, it would likely have been hard to find them on our own, but each little seaside village has its own character and vibe. We picked up local figs on the road and drove through beautiful countryside on the way to these other seaside villages.

Our favorite memories were our day on our hosts’ boat, anchoring and diving right off the boat into the clear water, and also exploring the historic Bodrum Castle. Both are really musts if you find yourself in Bodrum. Bodrum has a rich history of boat construction and most of the wooden boats there are still made by hand, a gulet, which is so impressive because they are really massive sail boats! Also, check out the Marina Yacht Club for a night of music and dancing! Lastly, if you have the opportunity, have a Turkish bath or hammam. I love spa days and this was unlike any spa I have every experienced. Your treatment is in a warm room with a bath and you are first rubbed with a coffee scrub. Then washed down warm water, followed by what looks like a giant loofah with warm soap, and in our case, we added a massage to the treatment. We have so many special memories and I really enjoyed spent in Bodrum! It was such an

Next time we travel to Turkey we plan to stay in Istanbul and back to Bodrum. Hopefully, it will not be too long before we return.

Have you been to Turkey? What were your favorite experiences?!

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