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My husband and I visited Germany and the Czech Republic in February. I was so excited since I had not been to both countries since 2004. Over ten years ago, I went backpacking with three best friends, visiting seven countries in about two months. We had an amazing time exploring, eating, and meeting new friends. It was a small fortune, to me at the time, donated by my grandmother, so I could have the experience of a lifetime. When I talk about my European trip from 2004, many people have said to me they wish they had the opportunity to go. I was so happy to return this time with my husband and do some exploring together! Not to mention better hotels and restuarants!

We did have a rental car for this trip and we stayed in hotels as we travelled to a few different cities. Although I am very familiar with the train system in Europe, in this case it was nice to have a car to take our time and drive to little towns not necessarily easily accessible by train.


IMG_0867 Heidelberg  IMG_0918 IMG_0920 IMG_0941   IMG_6194 IMG_6192 IMG_0959IMG_6193  IMG_0879


My Top 5 List in Heidelberg

1. Visit the Heidelberg Castle

2. Stroll the HauptstraBe, the longest pedestrian shopping street in Germany!

3. Visit the Old Bridge (Carl Theodor) at dusk

4. Eat dinner at Schnitzelbank, authentic food and atmosphere

5. Hike the trails up Heiligenberg Mountain


My Top 5 List in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Make sure you are going to the right town of Rothenburg, as there are other towns with the same name.

1. Visit the Marktplatz, the Market Square. Then grab a seat a local bakery, have a pastry and coffee, and enjoy a few moments to take it all in.

2. Stroll around the outer edge of the town exploring the medieval Town Wall

3. See St. Jacob’s Church

4. Stop in Käthe Wohlfahrt for beer steins and all things Christmas. This store is decorated beautifully year-round and could make a nice spot for authentic German gifts.

5. Walk up all 240+ steps for a great view from the Town Hall Tower


IMG_0976   IMG_0974  IMG_0989  IMG_1024

Rottenburg   IMG_6218  IMG_6163



I wish we had spent more time in Munich. Our few days there were very cold and we took a day trip to Füssen, so our time in Munich was limited, but here is what we enjoyed in our short stay. If you are going to Munich for more than a few days, be sure to pick up a detailed travel guide.

My Top 5 List in Munich

1. Visit the Marienplatz. Walk around, have lunch, shop, and visit the stunning churches.

2. Explore Hofbräuhaus, the world-famous beer house

3. Visit one of the many museums. We went to the BWM Museum, which was fantastic, but if you are more of a Mercedes-Benz fan, they have a museum in Stuttgart. Germany engineering!!

4. Pick up a light dinner at my favorite European market Käfer Delikatessen Market. Honestly, I love boutique grocery shops and this was the most beautiful and well-designed market I have ever been in. They have a section for everything including my favorite French Macarons! Or you can eat at their restaurant. I think we went to the one located in Munich/Schwabing, which is also a great area to just explore.

5. Visit one of the many parks like the Olympiapark.

IMG_6356  IMG_6376   

IMG_6416 IMG_6417                        Munich  IMG_6330 IMG_1318



My Top 5 List in Bavaria 

1. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle! One of my favorites in Europe!

2. Explore the town of Füssen, see the village and beautiful lakes

3. Enjoy the churches, shops, and restaurants in Oberammergau

4. Explore the other palace of King Ludwig II, the Hohenschwangau Castle

5. Enjoy a long drive through the beautiful countryside of Bavaria!


IMG_1263  IMG_1267  IMG_1271  IMG_1282  IMG_6403 IMG_6387 IMG_6391  IMG_6386 IMG_1304 IMG_1296

Have you travelled to Germany? What were some of your favorite experiences and sights?!

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