French Macaron Class

This weekend was an unusual one for me. I had a girls weekend alone. Party of one please.

Back in D.C., when my husband was out-of-town, normally I would be so busy with friends and events, I would be exhausted by Sunday night when he returned home. This time, being pregnant and tired, I had a very relaxing weekend. I decided to do many of my favorite things just at a slower pace. I had a manicure and pedicure, a prenatal massage at Bliss Beauty, worked out, strolled through a farmer’s market, watched a chick flick, and took a baking class. I spent a few hours each day away out of the house, but then returned home to rest and although I missed my husband, I really enjoyed my weekend.

IMG_8389 French Macaron     IMG_8390

Above: After making the blueberry meringue, our instructor demonstrated the macaronnage process to make the batter.

As for the baking class, this one was a hit! I have taken many cooking and baking classes over the years, which I really enjoy. I have learned new techniques and recipes that I refer back to often. This class was simply a guilty pleasure – a class on French Macarons at Sur La Table! If you know me, you know how addicted I am to these French marvels. The techniques and tips, ingredients, equipment list, and pairing flavors were all covered. I was in my own little heaven. We watched the instructor and then it was our turn to make our first batch of French Macarons.

Now, I will say that making these delightful little sweets is a process. Technique and details are key, but once you get it down, they are not that hard to make. From start to finish, you need about 2 hours to make a batch which includes baking and standing times. I also found the process of piping out the batter on the cookie tray very soothing.

There were many tips I learned during the class and if you are interested in trying these at home, I would recommend you sign up for a course. I believe it is worth the cost and few hours of your time to nail down the process from the start. One take away though is that the macarons actually taste better on day two (they will keep for a week in the refrigerator in an airtight container) and you can freeze them for up to a month, if you store properly.

I plan to make these again soon and I will be sure to incorporate seasonal varieties. It would be so nice to say that future guests of our home can expect a platter of French Macarons upon their arrival. Or perhaps my visitors can help me make some! I would also hope that one day baby and I can work in the kitchen together baking up a storm, making a mess, and making the most delicious French Macarons to share!

IMG_8388 IMG_8387

IMG_8366   IMG_8386 IMG_8385

Above: Piping our macaron tops and bottoms on parchment paper over our circle templates. We made Blueberry Macarons with Lemon Buttercream, Peach Macarons with Champagne Buttercream, and Strawberry Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache.

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