A Letter from Your Pants

Dear Katie,

I know we have shared two wonderful summer seasons together. I know how thrilled you were to spot me on the clearance rack in my pretty print and bright, summery fabric. I always appreciated my top spot in your closet and all the great vacations you have taken me on. We have shared some great times.

I appreciate your fondness for me; however, times have changed. I do not think you have noticed, but you have grown a bit bigger over the last few months, and although I am half elastic, there is an actual zipper and button that keep my great shape together. Lately, I have been stretched, pulled, and almost ripped apart at the seams. I don’t want our relationship to end like this.

I know this is all temporary and for a beautiful reason, but I ask that you kindly tuck me away for now. Put me at the bottom of the stack in the closet and I know we will reunite next summer. I just need my space.

We could both use a break from each other.

Your Pants

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