Exploring Newport Harbor by Duffy


Duffy Newport Harbor Cruise

One of my favorite ways to explore Newport Harbor is by Duffy. Taking a leisurely evening cruise out on the calm waters is the perfect way to end your day in Newport Beach, California.

The Duffy boat is an electric cruiser, which means is it quiet and fairly easy to operate. The boat is ideal for a large group and lovely conversation. The center table is also great for serving appetizers and cocktails. You can then dock at a local restaurant for dinner or even have a picnic style dinner right on the boat. From the Duffy, you have wonderful views of the beautiful homes of Lido and Balboa Islands.

I would highly recommend a Duffy cruise on your next trip to Newport Beach. This is also a wonderful activity for in town visitors and a great family activity. Just bring layers at evening, as it can get a little chilly as the sun goes down.

IMG_2576  IMG_2561 Newport Harbor Cruise

Newport Harbor Cruise


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