West Coast Baby Shower Details


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Welcome to my west coast garden baby shower. Technically, yes we were blocks from the beach, but it felt more like a tropical garden setting! We had such a nice afternoon and I was showered with so much love and blessings for our little baby.

I know it is hard to plan a gender neutral party and buy gifts for someone who doesn’t yet know if they are team pink or blue. I love what my Aunt and friends were able to put together for my shower. White and green were the primary colors, with pops of other colors throughout the flowers and table settings. The burlap napkins had adorable jeweled, green clothes pins and everyone had a delicious cookie to take home. The cookies were darling with little rattle and stroller shapes. The food was light and fresh, salads and sandwiches, which was perfect for the theme and warmer weather. For dessert, of course we had my favorite Nothing Bundt Cakes and a fruit and chocolate bar.

We played four easy games and my two favorites were Pregnancy How Sweet It Is and Beach Bag Essentials. In How Sweet It Is, pregnancy related words or phrases are on one side which you match to types of candy that best correspond to the word. For example, twins match to Twix and contractions match to Rocky Road. I failed at this game! LOL. But it was really fun and the winner got a bag of all 15 types of candy! For Beach Bag Essentials, appropriate for any couple in California, guests lists the top 20 items one would find in a beach bag for a day at the beach with baby. Instead of listing the items, my Aunt gave me a beach bag filled with these items for our trips to the beach with baby!

Guests also filled out cards with advice and guessed if we will have a boy or girl, the baby’s weight, and date of birth. It will be cool to look back through these cards once baby is born to see who is closest. However, although I love all my guests and appreciate their guesses, I was shocked by one card that someone thought I would be 1.5 weeks over my due date! Oh my! Lets hope not!

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