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Okay, yes I am still pregnant. Even though, we are down to days here, the days seem longer because you are so ready to meet your little baby. Well yesterday, I had my last and final spa treatment before baby’s arrival. To alleviate aches and pains (and celebrate baby milestones!), I scheduled prenatal massages throughout my second and third trimester. A real treat if you are able to indulge, and I would highly recommend you try a prenatal massage and monthly pedicures for your poor, sad feet.

I really looked forward to my prenatal massage appointments and I tell you baby loved them too! Every time I had a massage or facial, baby was kick-kicking away. It is actually strange trying to be in a restful, relaxed state and your belly is moving all over the place. So much in fact, the massage therapist makes mention of it! That’s definitely my active child.

My only word of caution, besides checking with your doctor obviously, is to make sure the spa you are going to has an experienced massage therapist for your prenatal massage. They need to know how to position you so that you are safe and comfortable, as well as which pressure point areas on a pregnant lady to avoid.

Here are the three affordable spas I tried in the Bay Area and my experience.

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Bliss Beauty Center and Day Spa {Los Altos} I originally found this spa for a manicure and pedicure. The spa is very clean and everyone is very friendly the minute you walk in. I also had my eyebrows done here a few times and I swear that bed is one of the most comfortable I have ever had a treatment on. As for the prenatal massage, they take you to a little room upstairs. It is very quiet, but there is no separate seating or relaxation area. I enjoyed my side lying prenatal massage and was with an experienced massage therapist so I felt comfortable. I like this spa and have returned a few times because I think it is reasonably priced, plus the gift shop and products are fun to look through. The only downside is that this is not a full service spa and they do not have any amenities (as is the same for the other two spas I tried as well). But I don’t always have time for amenities and when you are pregnant you cannot enjoy the steam room or sauna, so it is not as important to me for this type of treatment.

LaBelle Spa {Palo Alto} This was my favorite of the three massage appointments I had because of the price and the extra 20-minute foot soak before the treatment. The foot soak allows you to really relax before your treatment. The relaxation area is dimly lit with a fireplace and delicious snacks. I expected this place to be much more expensive from everything I read about it, but it is $100 for a 50-minute massage and $110 for a 50-minute prenatal massage. Pretty good rates in my opinion for the Bay Area. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and the relaxation room before and after my treatment. Again, this place does not have a sauna or steam room, but I didn’t miss it at all. There are two locations in Palo Alto and I think another treat here would be the pedicures. The pedicures are very pricy, but look like a special treat once a year. Ever had a pumpkin pie pedicure?!

Stone Hand and Foot {multiple locations on East Bay} If you are familiar with Massage Envy, this is the same type of spa. You have a recurring membership and as a result receive a big discount on the price of a service. I was treated by a member, but walk-ins are also welcome. The staff was very friendly and they have chilled, fruit-flavored water for you to enjoy, but no amenities and no relaxation room (at least not available in the one I was in). However, you get a great deal for the price! I think my massage was $59 for an hour. It would be very hard to find a spa in this area, where they have experienced prenatal massage therapists for that price. I enjoyed this massage as well and is a nice treat without breaking the bank. A membership here would be a great gift for someone who workouts often, has a recurring injury, or just enjoys a monthly spa treatment.

Some of my favorite spas are actually in Las Vegas and many fancy hotels have spas that you can spend an entire day getting lost in. I love a nice spa day and would rather enjoy a spa treatment than an expensive dinner out.

Have you tried any day spas in the Bay Area? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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