Anniversary Gifts for the First Year

First Anniversary

Happy anniversary to us!

Well as much as I love celebrating our anniversary, I have felt a little lost in my attempt to find the perfect anniversary present each year for my husband. I like a mix of both traditional and modern, but also aim to find something very meaningful. This can be challenging, as the first year is paper for a traditional gift or clocks for the modern gift. I am fortunate to have a creative girlfriend who gave me a tip for our first year anniversary, she suggested tickets for the traditional paper gift. I think any experience is always a great gift option because you will always have the memory of that event.

If you are approaching your first anniversary, congrats to you! Here are some gift ideas from this wife.

Tickets to a game or concert.

Plane tickets for a special trip you planned.

A significant book, maybe one that was signed by the author or a coffee table book.

A love letter.

A handwritten recipe and a homemade, romantic dinner for two.

An engraved watch.

A special clock for his or her office.


Photo above – Adorable first anniversary cards from Etsy shop thunderpeep.


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