Review of Citrus Lane


I really liked the selection of products in our first month’s subscription of Citrus Lane. There were four items in my box last month covering the basics of reading, sleeping, diapering, and eating.

IMG_9435 IMG_9434 IMG_9436 Citrus Lane Box

I am always a big fan of books. In my opinion, you cannot have enough books for your little one. Although, I already have quite a collection of books from family and friends for baby M’s library, I did not have the book Big and Small. The illustrations are nice and I think baby M will enjoy reading it.

For sleep, we already had a Sleep Sheep from cloud b, which plays soothing ocean waves and other sounds. We did not have the Pink Ladybug, which plays continuous music until you stop it. Genius.

I try to buy organic and all-natural products as often as possible. The Susan Brown All Purpose Botanical Gelee has a lot of uses and we have been applying it instead of Vaseline when we change diapers.

The Bumpkins bib is super smart because it is plastic and you can just wipe it off and reuse it. The fabric bibs easily get wet and gross with one spit-up, but the Bumpkin bibs are also great for on-the-go!

I am impressed so far with the selection and have used all the products. I look forward to additional boxes for baby M!

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