Decisions, Decisions

Progress continues on the house renovation. We are thrilled with our general contractor and he has helped make this experience a positive one.

Over the weekend, we put paint samples on the wall to decide on room colors. We painted large squares near each other for easy comparison. We like more grey blue colors and want the whole house to feel cohesive. Besides the kitchen, I know my other favorite space will be the nursery. We made a bold color choice for the baby’s room!

We also got to check in on our kitchen cabinets. They look amazing. They are currently being primed for painting!

Picking a color for the cabinets was also really challenging. We wanted a soft white, so we had a few door samples which we compared with our wall color, marble, and wood floors. I will say I was surprised by the many shades of white and the difference natural light makes on each color.

Just a few more weeks and we will be moving in. I look forward to sharing the completed kitchen with you.



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