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Molly Sims

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and a fantastic ending to the Super Bowl. At least it was an exciting game and Katy Perry’s performance at half time blew me away! Even though I have seen her before in concert, she continues to keep it fresh and entertaining. What did you think of those sharks?! Since we are now in February, it is a good time to revisit goals for 2015.

I have been reading a lot of books these days, just ones with lots of colors and few words for little M. By the way, if you love to read to your little one, check out these super smart reads for baby here! I want to read a real book this year, with a hardback cover and new crisp pages!

I enjoy reading and have not found extra time to read since October. Lately, baby M has been sleeping better, but even still I am using those few extra hours to get extra sleep or catch up on State of Affairs. Yesterday, I bought my first book for 2015 and I will let you know how long it takes me to finish it. While it is not a romance novel or thriller, I heard good reviews of Molly Sims’ The Everyday Supermodel. Molly is also a mom and pregnant with her second child. I think she always looks effortless and a true beauty, so I hope to learn some of her secrets on fitness after baby, skin care routines, and everyday looks. The format of the book is such that if I have to put it down due to an interruption (there will be many!), I can easily pick it back up!

What are you reading in 2015? Any quick reads you can recommend for a new mom?

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