We Caved on Costco

2015/02/img_0150.jpgSo yes this happened today. This is me examining my options in the juice section at my local Costco. I am now a proud Costco member.

My last trip to Costco was probably circa 1997 going along with a high school friend’s parent while we were out running errands way before I could drive. How times have changed!

Have you seen the State Farm “Never” commercial?! Hilarious and so true. Add Costco membership to that list! A Costco membership is one of those things you think you never really want, but you secretly love and were just waiting to get to this point in your life.

The real reason we are now Costco members is because it was a thoughtful Christmas gift. The other reason is because we finally have a house, oh and a beautiful baby who has requirements! We can store bulk items in said house including necessary items for baby.

As you probably know, Costco sells everything! Furniture? Yes. Motor oil? Yes? Gift cards, chocolate, and underwear? Of course, yes and all in the same aisle! As well as baby clothes, diapers, wipes, books, and Disney movies. Food? Oh yes they sell that too. Needless to say, it was quite busy for the middle of the day and baby has yet to master the art of patience.

If you are into people watching, Costco does not disappoint. One gentleman found a good book to read and made himself at home with a soda on the outdoor furniture set.

My favorite purchase from today would probably be the bouquet of flowers for me! Hey, I deserved it after navigating Costco with a baby. Next time, I plan to take the husband so I have an extra set of hands to help load up! That’s right husband, you are coming back with me.

If you were wondering about my #ootd for Costco, just think mom chic (boyfriend jeans, flats, and a wink!).

4 thoughts on “We Caved on Costco

  1. Haha so true, Costco is a place I never realize how much I love until im actually there. I go there mainly for the food samples and underpriced perfume hahaha I also am a sucker for buying everything in bulk. My dad made me this way.
    Ps. Outfit sounds chic! Got myself a pair of boyfriend jeans for the time and I felt the coolest I’ve felt in a while hahaha

    • I didn’t mention the samples, but really who can pass those up?! Buying in bulk is generally a better deal so your dad is probably an excellent shopper! =) I have a feeling I will be spending more time at Costco and less at Safeway.

      • I don’t know what Safeway is (Canadian problems haha) so I’m team Costco! I grew up calling it “price club” my family and I would go and now that I’m looking back I feel like all the samples were dinner some times Hahahaha you have a great blog! Looking forward to future posts.

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