Is it March Yet?

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Although I cannot complain about the weather here, I am so eager for it to be March already. I am sure if you live anywhere besides California or Florida, you are probably pretty excited about thoughts of spring. Sorry February, I enjoyed Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, and an epic trip here, but you are just delaying my path to March. And I didn’t even get into how much your spelling has always annoyed me.

Last year around this time, I was in Germany with my husband. We also spent a weekend in Prague. Read about my winter travels here and here. And two years ago, we were still living in Washington, D.C. and I posted this, which was one of my most special posts to look back on. In a way, having a blog is nice for that reason because you can look back and reflect on precious memories. I think next February, knowing how I feel about this month, I should plan a fun trip, even a local weekend getaway or camping trip to liven up my FEB plans.

Besides December, March is one of my favorite months. I am a Pisces, so naturally I love March. I also know a lot of really cool people who also have March birthdays (you know who you are!). St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, spring shopping, and Easter preparations also all happen in this fantastic month. In addition to all these things my daughter will experience for the first time, we will soon be settled in our new house, which is probably the main reason why this month has dragged on for me.

We have been especially busy this week with random doctor’s appointments and packing to move. Since we do not have family to help us here, we have been packing a few boxes a night, which is S-L-O-W work. You do not feel like you accomplish much, but are too tired to pack for hours after a long day. So yes very slow, but at least we are doing it together. Music helps the time pass. We are making progress though and I will not even remember the hassle of packing once we get settled in.

Seriously though, I find it impossible to pack and keep this house together. Does anyone else feel this way when they prepare to move?! =) We are almost to the point, where it is officially like camping. Pull out your paper plates and flashlights, hold tight to that last roll of paper towels, and where are my pajamas? You cannot find anything and certainly despite one’s best efforts to maintain order, the house is a bunch of random piles of stuff just waiting to be boxed up.

This week, I am also making some upgrades to the blog on the back-end and cannot make any changes during certain hours, which is one of the reasons I have been quiet on the blog this week. This is one project I have been meaning to get to for some time now, so it will be nice to check that off the list.  Woohoo, love crossing things off my to do list! Finally, as if there wasn’t enough to focus on, I am also doing a good job of mentally planning trips in my head to my favorite getaway locations like here and here. I blame Instagram for the mental inspiration, but definitely wishful thinking for sure!

How do you feel about February?! Any plans or trips you are look forward to in March?

February calendar above

February desktop calendar below (which is a good link for future months as well)

FEB wallpaper

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