Is it March Yet?

Although I cannot complain about the weather here, I am so eager for it to be March already. I am sure if you live anywhere besides California or Florida, you are probably pretty excited about thoughts of spring. Sorry February, I enjoyed Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, and an epic trip here, but you are just delaying […]

How My Style Has Changed

Since I became a mom of a beautiful little girl with severe acid reflux, my daily style has naturally evolved. Before becoming pregnant, I had to adapt my east coast faves to more breathable, lightweight clothes for California. Living in D.C., black was a wardrobe staple and now I rarely wear black pants. Then I […]

Happy Fat Tuesday

A Fat Tuesday spent in NOLA is a one-of-a-kind experience and I easily fell in love with the charm and spirit of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. If you are not on Bourbon Street having a strong Hurricane from Pat O’Briens, you could have a festive meal at home tonight. If you have a snow day […]

Happy Valentine’s Weekend

What a lovely gift this year, three days to celebrate love! This year our Valentine’s Day will be very different than previous years when we planned a romantic dinner or something spontaneous together. Even though we will probably celebrate Valentine’s with a sandwich and a root beer at lunch, this will be our sweetest Valentine’s yet […]

We Caved on Costco

So yes this happened today. This is me examining my options in the juice section at my local Costco. I am now a proud Costco member. My last trip to Costco was probably circa 1997 going along with a high school friend’s parent while we were out running errands way before I could drive. How […]

Celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day!

One of my favorite ideas for hosting your friends over for dinner is to have fondue night. I have two vintage fondue pots from my parents that I adore. One of the sets is clearly from another time with the bright orange pot and wooden skewers. It is so easy to throw together a fondue […]

Story Time

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and a fantastic ending to the Super Bowl. At least it was an exciting game and Katy Perry’s performance at half time blew me away! Even though I have seen her before in concert, she continues to keep it fresh and entertaining. What did you think of those sharks?! […]

Hike with a View

Just because it is Friday and I know it is still very cold elsewhere in the country, I thought I would share some pictures of beautiful northern California. We took a little hike recently and were treated to these views and trees. The stunning cliffs, the tall trees, and beautiful Pacific Ocean still continue to amaze […]

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