Super Bowl Sunday

Image above from Etsy Shop ItsyBelle. How cute are these instant downloads for your Super Bowl party?! I am very excited about this Super Bowl Sunday for two reasons. One, Katy Perry is performing at half time and I just adore her.  I know she will put on a spectacular half time show, as I […]

Decisions, Decisions

Progress continues on the house renovation. We are thrilled with our general contractor and he has helped make this experience a positive one. Over the weekend, we put paint samples on the wall to decide on room colors. We painted large squares near each other for easy comparison. We like more grey blue colors and […]

Kitchen Countertop Selection

Earlier in the week I shared with you that cleaning and organizing this apartment has become less interesting to me as we get closer to moving into our new home. Well the joke is on me because we had an unexpected visitor on Wednesday and I had about 30 minutes to power clean our kitchen, dining […]

January Morning Walk

Winter in California is my favorite kind of winter. I love being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors year round. Being able to get out the house, take in fresh air and sunshine is great for me and the baby. It is also the perfect way to start the day and leaves me feeling energized. […]

Moving (Again)

We are less than seven weeks from moving into our new house. So while construction is ongoing, we are preparing to move for the third time in two years. We are moving west, closer to the beach, but still in the San Francisco Bay peninsula.

Spa Water Bar Cart

One of the easiest things you can do for your health is to drink more water. It is an area we can all improve on and even if you enjoy drinking water, it can become a bit mundane especially in the colder months. I try to get massages a few times a year and one […]

New Barre Workout Favorites

To continue the theme of the week, I thought I would share my current favorite workout gear. I get emails from Old Navy almost daily. They have been pushing their active wear sale since the start of the New Year. I finally caved a took a look  online and I was impressed with their cute […]

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