House Buying Tips in the Bay Area

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area? Dreaming of owning your own home?! Well, so did we and it only took us nine months! Well, we finally closed on a house and although it was at times a challenging process, I will share my three tips that may help you. You should also know before we […]

Welcome November

Oh October how I love you. I celebrated my third wedding anniversary and welcomed our first child! What a wonderful month it was and will forever continue to be one of my favorite times of the year. As we say goodbye to October, I am actually very excited about what November brings. November is the kick-off […]

Happy Birthday My Little Doodle Bug

Happy Birthday little fur-baby. We have called her our Doodle Bug since she was little. We have two Schnoodles, which is a mix of Schnauzer and Mini Poodle. These dogs have big personalities for their little bodies and continue to entertain me daily. Schnauzers are also known to be “talkers” in that they almost speak back […]

Feature On Designer Allie Mann

      Click on the images above for the links to Allie’s designs. Allie is one of my best friends. We have known each other since the start of high school. From those years, we have many memories together of sleepovers, school projects, an obsession with pink and Victoria Secret boxers, and played Varsity lacrosse. We even […]

East Coast Visitors

My sister and her husband are coming to visit this week! We love having family visit and doing touristy things because this area is still so new to us. We have a nice itinerary planned with a mix of relaxation, think pool and spa time, and sight-seeing! We made dinner reservations, have tickets to the 49ers […]

French Macaron Class

This weekend was an unusual one for me. I had a girls weekend alone. Party of one please. Back in D.C., when my husband was out-of-town, normally I would be so busy with friends and events, I would be exhausted by Sunday night when he returned home. This time, being pregnant and tired, I had […]

Family Dinner Night

     Recently, we had a very special guest over for dinner.  My adorable and witty grandmother came over for a night of family recipes and lively discussion. She is too old now to enjoy cooking, but my husband happily helped me prepare our family spaghetti sauce recipe. It takes hours to prepare and is […]

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