Peachy Peaches

I returned back to California from Washington, D.C. Tuesday night. Every meal I had Wednesday was take-out since we are moving and have nothing in the fridge. This morning, I couldn’t take it anymore and made a quick trip to Whole Foods for some emergency fruits, bread, and milk. I was making my way through […]

January Health & Fitness Reviews

How is everyone coming along with their New Year’s fitness resolutions? Giving up or going strong? For me, I enjoy working out and am probably much more religious about my workouts than my diet. {as in, I love chocolate} I miss my best friends in Washington, D.C. especially when it comes to fitness. We would […]

Watermelon Sips

Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits. I love that it is juicy, sweet, and refreshing! Try grilled watermelon fruit kebabs, watermelon soup, or 22 other great ideas for watermelon from Southern Living. Today, I enjoyed a glass of watermelon juice with watermelon ice cubes and a little mint. Go get a big melon of […]

Avocado, Limes, Chips & Salsa

I like to start my morning with a glass of water, then espresso, and the morning news. I made an updated to do list the night before because there are a few things that should not make their way into next week. Generally speaking when you misplace your to do list, the entire day ahead […]

Spring Farmer’s Market in Sarasota

This is what spring bounty looks like from Sarasota, Florida… I love visiting a local farmer’s market in other towns. You really get a flavor of the people, local foods and crafts, and can leisurely walk around a new part of town. I thought the colors and variety of this market was impressive. If you […]

PB & J Love

Today is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! Enjoy a delicious PB and jelly panini, a banana and PB smoothie, carrots or an apple and PB, or this super yum Nutty Fig Toast recipe. Find the recipe here and use your favorite peanut or almond butter in place of the mixed nuts and extra oil. Indulge […]

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