Is it March Yet?

Although I cannot complain about the weather here, I am so eager for it to be March already. I am sure if you live anywhere besides California or Florida, you are probably pretty excited about thoughts of spring. Sorry February, I enjoyed Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, and an epic trip here, but you are just delaying […]

We Caved on Costco

So yes this happened today. This is me examining my options in the juice section at my local Costco. I am now a proud Costco member. My last trip to Costco was probably circa 1997 going along with a high school friend’s parent while we were out running errands way before I could drive. How […]

January Morning Walk

Winter in California is my favorite kind of winter. I love being able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors year round. Being able to get out the house, take in fresh air and sunshine is great for me and the baby. It is also the perfect way to start the day and leaves me feeling energized. […]

Moving (Again)

We are less than seven weeks from moving into our new house. So while construction is ongoing, we are preparing to move for the third time in two years. We are moving west, closer to the beach, but still in the San Francisco Bay peninsula.

Chocolate Cake Kind of Day

I called our dogs to the kitchen, as I do every morning. I always give them a treat and sing them a little morning song to start their little doggy day. Anyway, our dog Winston did not come running to the kitchen. By the third time I called him, he finally came to the kitchen […]

Planner and Calendars to Keep Life Organized in 2015

As you know, I love planners. I love writing out calendar events as well as goals in my planner. I especially love a new planner after the previous year’s planner took a bruising going from purse to purse and the inevitable coffee stain. I love being organized and having a plan, and digital calendars are […]

My Thoughts on Sleep as a First Time Mom

I have been asked by my friends what has been the biggest adjustment to having a newborn? Well so far the hardest part has been going days without a solid night’s sleep. And I love to sleep! Before I had baby M, I would forgo food and my favorite shows any day of the week for […]

Welcome November

Oh October how I love you. I celebrated my third wedding anniversary and welcomed our first child! What a wonderful month it was and will forever continue to be one of my favorite times of the year. As we say goodbye to October, I am actually very excited about what November brings. November is the kick-off […]

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