Germany Trip Favorites {Travel Week}

My husband and I visited Germany and the Czech Republic in February. I was so excited since I had not been to both countries since 2004. Over ten years ago, I went backpacking with three best friends, visiting seven countries in about two months. We had an amazing time exploring, eating, and meeting new friends. It […]

Relaxing in Bodrum, Turkey {Travel Week}

      Last summer, we had the amazing opportunity to travel with our dear friends to Bodrum, Turkey. I didn’t post about the trip at the time because I did not even know where to begin. This was one of those life-changing trips that are hard to put into words. I loved the culture, the people, the […]

Summer in Greenport, NY {Travel Week}

  I was born in New York, but had never ventured to Long Island until my best friend from college invited me to  come up one summer. I instantly fell in love with the North Fork of New York and have returned almost every summer with anyone that would join me, my sister, friends, and […]

Kauai Vacation Planning {Travel Week}

            This week is travel week on the blog! I will share my travel tips and favorite spots from our travels to Germany and Turkey. I will also cover two of my favorite U.S. destinations– Greenport, NY, and Santa Barbara, CA. To start the week off, I will begin with our recent trip to Kauai! […]

Baby Shower

My sister is planning an east coast baby shower for me this weekend. I am thrilled to go back east and spend time with family and friends before this baby arrives. My sister wanted me to be hands-off on this shower, which you can imagine was very difficult for me, but it was important to her to plan […]

Kauai In Photos

My husband and I went away on what some like to call a babymoon. This was our last tropical trip alone together before the baby arrives. We wanted to go somewhere relaxing and not too far from California. Kauai or Maui both seemed like good options, but we were able to find a great deal […]

Hello From…

   …Hawaii! My husband and I are away for a few restful days in Kauai. This is our first trip ever to Hawaii and a dream come true for me. I have travelled all over Europe, but was never able to make it to Hawaii….until we moved to California. Everyone has been so friendly here […]

Bronzers for Summer Beach Days

You might have kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the beach. With routine beach trips, this is the time of year I regularly apply my favorite sunless tanning bronzers before hitting the pool or ocean. Tomorrow afternoon, we are heading out for a family beach day and I will liberally apply some […]

Comforts for a Long Flight

I enjoy traveling, but can get restless on long flights. Now that we live in California, I often find myself on a long flight back to the east coast. I am not a good sleeper on planes, so I need lots of things to keep me entertained and comfortable. To help pass the time, I […]

Morning in Munich

I had a great weekend in Prague and drove back to Germany to spend a few days in Munich before I fly home. I have only been here 12 hours and I love this city! I also discovered the most amazing market for foodies, Käfer! I started my morning here with a light breakfast and […]

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