A Best Friend’s Wedding

My husband’s best friend got married last weekend in rustic Lake Arrowhead. This was the perfect setting for this couple because they are adventurous and have taken some wild trips together. There is nothing they haven’t tried together! They regularly go hiking, camping, climbing, surfing, snowboarding.. you name it and they have probably tried it. They […]

A Weekend in Lake Arrowhead

  Lake Arrowhead is a quaint village about two hours from Los Angeles. It was my first time here and I was happy to visit a new place with lots of greenery and a beautiful lake. We were here for a dear couple’s wedding last weekend, which was also just spectacular and I will share some […]

Rustic Cakes for Fall

Image   We are headed to a wedding this weekend in Lake Arrowhead and being so very pregnant, I already know they are very real limits to the amount of dancing I will be doing. And I usually love dancing, not to mention a good photo booth. However, besides the ceremony, this pregnant lady is […]

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