March Movie Madness



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Did everyone catch the Oscars on Sunday?! Coming off my award season excitement and the final moments of the Oscars (not to mention exhaustion on Monday from staying up so late!), I have a renewed interest in films. I plan to watch more movies in the actual movie theater this year rather than wait to watch at home.  In case you had missed it, in less than ten days now Oz the Great and Powerful will be in movie theaters near you! I am planning to watch it with a group of close girlfriends, as this was always a favorite story of mine. Little known fact here, but I loved all things Oz growing up and the only play I was ever in was a middle school production of the Wizard of Oz. I was the lead munchkin.  I rocked that part.  Add this to the list of great things coming your way in March. Next Thursday, March 8th I have a date with Oz and my girlfriends!

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