French Macaron Quest Continued…

I visited the Macaron Bee located on Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown recently. The small shop was crowded (a good sign) when I went in to pick up some delicious french macarons for a family dinner. The shop had about 15 flavors to select from, but most of them were a variation of chocolate, not as many fruit flavors. These french macarons were a little bigger in size with an equal ratio of filling. I tried a bite of almost every flavor and I think they were all just a tad sweet for me. These were also a little less crisp and chewy, which is what I look for in a french macaron. I also think I prefer my french macarons to be a little smaller, like a perfect two or three bites. My favorite of the flavors we tried was the passionfruit, super sweet but tasty. I also did not get to take home a color wheel of macaron flavors, leaving it up to me ensure that my husband got the milk chocolate not the espresso flavor. Talk about pressure people! Everyone else really enjoyed the flavors overall though, so if you are really interested in french macarons I would still recommend this as another option in DC. For today though, my favorite still remains Tout de Sweet in Bethesda.

20130312-164438.jpg 20130312-164449.jpg


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