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Happy Spring!

I plan to enroll in a few recreational cooking classes this spring to learn a few new recipes and techniques. As I was searching through the online calendar for Sur la table, I was delighted to find one of my favorite blogs is featured as a course. If you haven’t heard of smitten kitchen, go there now! This is a fabulous website with hundreds of recipes. You can search by seasonal recipes and main ingredients. Lots of beautiful pictures and step-by-step instructions. The smitten kitchen class at Sur la table features three savory dishes and finishes with a strawberry cheesecake. The menu and description is found here. Each participant also receives an autographed copy of Deb Perelman’s book. Also, possibly of interest with Easter right around the corner, Sur la table also has an Easter cupcake course. See the menu here. Yum, this class could be a winner.

Another favorite cooking school of mine is L’Academie de Cuisine. They have two locations one in Bethesda and another site in Gaithersburg. For spring there were many seasonal classes, but you may find me at the spring tarts, spring soufflés, and Italian spring courses! Spring pasta and spring beer dinner might also be worth every last calorie. Francois Dionot is the owner and still teaches. For Thanksgiving one year, I enrolled in a Thanksgiving themed class. I learned how to make a toasted turkey, which is the most delicious and moist turkey I have ever tasted. He is a genius. You can find their course calendar here.

If I still have convinced you, as an added bonus, cooking classes are also quality time spent with your girlfriends, spouse, or siblings! Happy eating.

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